A four piece possé, The Longjohns come together to play spooky country with that old timey swing, peppered with the bluest of grasses to deliver songs of hope, loss and hauntings.

Featuring a line up of banjos, sousaphone, national guitar and the pots and pans, The Longjohns are Sian Evans (The Rusty Datsuns), Steve Buchanan (Bull Horn), Skritch (Gota-Kola) and Paul Watson (Dubmarine) preparing a tincture of dark country and barnyard bangers.

Sian Evans;  Banshee – Vox/Banjo/Guitar/Mandolin
Skritch; Master of Clocks – Drums/Laundry
Stevie B; Ship Siren – Sousaphone
Paul Watson; Resophonic Necromancist – Guitar/Banjo