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The Long Johns are the twang of the banjo, the rumble of the sousaphone and the ring of the spittoon, the creak of the door, the crow of the rooster, the stomping of floorboards and the hammering of the chain gang.

A four piece possé, The Long Johns come together to play spooky country with that old timey swing, peppered with the spiciest of flavours to deliver songs of hope, loss and hauntings.

The Long Johns hit the trails with the stagecoaches blazing delivering the debut single Clubfootin’ which found them on the road to Woodford Folk Festival to excite and delight crowds many times over. Not a bad start for a band who played their 3rd show on a packed Woodford stage! Buzzers were buzzing!

Featuring a line up of banjos, sousaphone, national guitar and the pots and pans, The Long Johns are Sian Evans, Steve Buchanan, Skritch and Paul Watson preparing a tincture of dark country and barnyard bangers.

Like the cure-all tonics of old, The Long Johns are good for what ails you.

Band members and Instruments:-
Sian Evans - Vox/Banjo/Guitar
Richard Needham - Drums
Steven Buchanan - Sousaphone
Paul Watson - Guitar/Banjo


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